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About Us

About Us


The PaykanArtCar is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that unites the talents of contemporary Iranian artists with a beloved symbol of national pride—the Paykan automobile—to advocate for the restoration of human rights and dignity for all in Iran no matter their race, religion, gender or their sexual orientation.

We are privileged to have acquired an historic 1974 Paykan Hillman Hunter limousine, a gift by the Shah of Iran to the authoritarian Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. Periodically, PaykanArtCar will commission an exceptional Iranian artist to use this historic Paykan as their canvas to highlight the struggle for human dignity and human rights in Iran.

Paykan History

The Paykan automobile was first introduced by the Iran National Company in 1967 as the first fully manufactured Iranian automobile. In its early years of production, the Paykan automobile became an icon of Iranian modernity, possibility, and industrial capability.

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iran Khodrou continued the production of the Paykan in a much more simplified version. Finally, in 2005 the production of Paykan ended. The 38 years of Paykan production has made its mark in Iranian culture and across generations. Today the Paykan remains omnipresent on the streets of Tehran.

Who We Are

Our team will work proudly with inspirational Iranian artists who are committed to human rights and human dignity.